Remonte D0F76-01
Remonte D0F76-01

Women’s fashion comfort short boots, features leather upper, front lased-up and side zipper closure. Deep out sole grip for better traction.

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remonte d8475-01
Remonte D8475-01

Women’s fashion leather winter boots. Features lase-up / zipper closure, thermo insoles, wool lining and deep grip outsoles.

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Rieker 78523-01
Rieker 78523-01

Women fashion lase-up / side zipper combat style short boots. Feature waterproof upper, winter lining, deep gripped outsole.

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Relife Miranda
Relife Miranda 21804

Women fashion comfort short boots

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Rieker 78570-00
Rieker 78570-00

Women fashion short boots feature leather upper, wool lining, deep grip outsole for better traction.

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Remonte D8462-01
Remonte D8462-01

Women fashion Winter short boots. Features All weather footwear with excellent cold protection, water resistant. Thermo insoles, wool lining, deep grip outsole, side zipper combined with front lase up for instep adjustments.

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Remonte D2277-01
Remonte D2277-01

Women fashion short boots features leather upper, side zipper, deep grip outsole

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Winter boots
Canada Comfort F3050

Women’s winter booties. Features winter lining, temperature rated up to -31*C, water proof upper with a dual front zipper, deep grip out sole.

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Stefania F4003 camel
Stefania F4003 camel

Women winter short boots, features front lased up closure, internal zipper, 2.5 inch heel, deep grip out sole.

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Patrizia  16626 Bordo
Patrizia 16626 Bordo

Women fashion short burgundy boots, feature wedge out sole, internal side zipper.

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Patrizia  16626 black
Patrizia 16626 black

Women comfortable wedge short boots.

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Remonte boots D8671-01
Remonte boots D8671-01

Remonte women black leather short boots. Feature front lase up closure, internal zipper, deep out sole grip for better traction

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