We are Canadian Shoe Retailers with over 20 years of experience in shoe business. Located in Edmonton, Alberta. Working on sale floor for so long day after day, we determined the most important customer needs and concerns in regarding to shoe matter.. Taking all this to consideration, we decided to expand our customer auditorium by creating this website and share our knowledge and experience with many consumers all across the country. We are oriented on consumers who is on a hunt for great comfort shoes, which fit to every day wear, or something special that is very different and highlights their style.

Hopefully do not damage consumers bank account by selling this kind of quality products. We found the fact that people do not want to buy the same old - same old any more. They are looking for a new design idea, new colors, fresh elements and details in combination with affordable price and uniqueness. An opportunity is enormous and we would like to take our chance to make an impression. We believe, that in this overloaded online shopping and ability to search for product and better prices, you will always make a right choice.

Monotop sherwood ParkMonotop Shoes Company was found in Sherwood Park, Alberta  in year 2001. From that very first day we have a thousands of satisfied customers. Many of them became our friends, who come to us not only to buy a shoes. Our success had been built on strong focus to the customer service, huge experience and individual approach to every person. We proudly present unique formal dress shoes, as well as contemporary styles and fashion designed comfy fit shoes for daily wear.

New store was open in year 2012 in Londonderry Mall - Edmonton, Alberta. Popularity of this store is growing since we opened the doors.  We are oriented on consumers who is looking for great comfort fashion shoes, which fit for every day wear or something special that is very different and highlights your style but does not  damage your bank account by purchasing this high quality products.Londonderry Mall location in Edmonton, AB